Mittwoch, 12. Oktober 2016


My week in Jerusalem

Jerusalem - the old town, how would it challenge me?


First the heat - it was really hot and sunny. The best places to be were in the Old town. There the houses are built so high and near to each other that you have nice shadow, but in the newer parts it was hot. Best time to be here was after sundown. I love one part of the new city a lot. It is near the art academy and the streets are decorated with umbrellas and sombreros and so on..., each street in an different design.

I stayed in a hotel near a shopping mall where art was sold, too. Best way to get to Jaffa gate through this mall. Oh, and yes, I stayed in a kosher hotel - means very vegetarian friendly coz for convenience they just served vegetarian food.

In the Old town there were the churches, mosques and synagoges. So much of them, unbelieveable for the smallness of the old town. I was blessed by a catholic priest and an orthodox one and visited a lot of churches. Well, the mosques and synagoges, it is a bit difficult. On the temple hill you were not allowed - most time - when you were no muslima. The orthodox synagoges have a strict reglement, too - women are just allowed in a small place at the back - same was at the western wall - divided for genders - on the left men and on the right women - I wonder if there is any transgender Jew?

I met a lot of other tourists in the old town. 

And I did a lot of walking, but beware - the stones are so old and so many feet walked over them they are not easy to walk. One nice walk was over the ramparts that enclose the Old city.

Montag, 19. September 2016


Some weeks after some dentist works I still have problems with my teeth. Oh, not to mention I feel like I have pain nearly everywhere and the normal health status - or should I say not-feeling-well-status?

I love to sew and do pottery, have a nice meal and a decent beer. Well, I still can have these things. But it would be much nicer to have no pain, too.

Sonntag, 28. August 2016


Oh my, this heat - I can not believe it was as crazy hot when I was a child. I cut lunch short and made frittatas today (salmon) and yesterday (spinach). A dip in one of the lakes was my wish this afternoon - I got it, but I was red before and after the swim - it was so hot outside I looked like a fresh cooked lobster - I worried about being sunburned a lot - well, was just the heat.

Sonntag, 21. August 2016

Loved Copenhagen

On our way back we had several hours in Copenhagen and I loved this exhibition on the street.

Samstag, 20. August 2016


The last days I stayed in the capital of Estonia: Tallinn. Tallinn is not very big, but very beautiful and oh my, they know how to cook, bake and brew there. My husband came along this time and he told me the meals were to good and next time he wants less (I guess he will have to travel alone next time - I loved the meals). We did a lot of sightseeing, walking and eating. Five days we were together with a group to explore the e-Estonia. Estonia was one of the first countries where you can do nearly everything online (except things like marriage and divorce - you get the concept). Children learn at an early age how programming works and they have a network of echarger for cars all over Estonia.

As beautiful as Tallinn is you are not alone there - other tourists know how beautiful this town is, too - or want to know it. There are a lot of cruise ships each days and ferries from Helsinki. Meals and drinks are not cheap and it is good to reserve a seat when you want to go into a special restaurant.
Public transportation is easy - you can buy at each R-Kiosk a green card for 2,-€ and load it up with how much you want - three days free travel in Tallinn was 5,-€ , so really cheap compared with Germany.

I loved these old medival walls and towers - like from a fairytale.
Up from the Domberg the city looks like this:

Sonntag, 7. August 2016