Sonntag, 27. Juni 2010


Today was the day of soccer.
I can tell you that I really do not need
to sit in front of the tv and watch soccer.

My hubby and me, we decided to have a lazy afternoon.
Reading - hubby, making a bag - me.

Around us there were neighbours preparing for the game.
Tv sets were brought in the garden.
A barbeque was started. Friends were coming...

And we did not need a tv to get the goals.
Our neighbours were cheering or booing the teams...

Happy soccer day!

Samstag, 26. Juni 2010

Today - on the road we call life

Sometimes I seem to be able to talk away like a
bee is humming on her way to the flowers.
Well, sometimes I prefer hermit silence.
These last days were such days.

It is not coz I am worrying about something:
Everything is going on in a way I like.
Just can not believe everything today.

Samstag, 19. Juni 2010

Today - Steintor

Just playing a bit on my way home...

Today - Kunsthandwerkermarkt in Hannover

These nice personalities were meeting there.
Alltimes good for a chat.

Feeling of freshness - seatime with soaps.

I really like how the market blends into the sourroundings.
Aren't these little angels lovely?

This year I bought myself a nice bowl at this booth.
I love the colours and the structure so much...

Freitag, 18. Juni 2010

Under construction

No, I am not pregnant.

Hey, but still my life is a work of permanent construction.
I spent a lot of time at the dentist these days.
And when I get home I am absolutly tired - worn out.

Sonntag, 13. Juni 2010

Cold summer day:1 10 years Expo party

Yesterday and today was a ten years EXPO party.
It was said to be with different music acts, nice food...
A friend of mine invited me to come.
She had a photo exhibition there.

It took me nearly one hour today to get to the EXPO plaza.
I first thought I have missed the right date.
No party to be seen, not the big masses of people...

Well, it was the right date, but poorly visited.
And the food booths: Two different cars, one with fried
Vietnamesian food and one with Crepes.

What really was nice to see:
The photo exhibition of my friend
And I liked the band playing outside when I visited.
And near the train tracks were these wonderful poppies...

Today - green

Samstag, 12. Juni 2010


Today is playtime for me.
Playing with cookie dought:
two batches of cookies
now waiting to be eaten.
Playing with the camera.
Two pics I like.
Nothing special
but special time for me.
Staying alone at home tonight.
Drinking tea.
Playing with fabrics and ribbons.
My time.

Sonntag, 6. Juni 2010

Lazy Sunday

Today was a warm and sunny day.
The perfect day for staying at home and being lazy.

How do you enjoy a perfect lazy sunday?

Mine favourite:

Sleeping long.

Long big breakfast with fresh rolls and lox.
Fresh beer and olives for lunch.

Writing some letters.
I like the oldfashion sometimes
and hey, you can not put chocolates in E-mails, right?

Some fresh baked cookies and Darjeeling with milk.
to sweeten the afternoon.

Surfing the net, playing with fabric and yarn...

Freitag, 4. Juni 2010

Today - at the farmer market in town

I could not resists these lovely roses.
A bunch of white ones now shares my flat.

Today - just like in a painting

Hey, who can not love to walk to work when he is greeted
by this lovely beauties?

Donnerstag, 3. Juni 2010

Dienstag, 1. Juni 2010

Try too look back with a smile...

... sometimes it is hard, yeah, you are right.
Sometimes all you want is to cry and ask why?