Dienstag, 30. November 2010


The wind is howling loud outside.
It is cold and dark.
I am at home now, happy me.

Sonntag, 28. November 2010

Cold outside - hot wine inside?

Today it was so cold outside I did not feel like taking pics
although i took my camera with me.

Best weather for drinking spiced hot wine.
Today I drank Glöggi, a nice fruity wine from Finnlandia.
And there is nothing as good to get warm hands as eating
roasted chestnuts on the way home.

At this moment I am watching an old film on tv and a hot soup
is cooking slowly in the kitchen.
Love it.

Samstag, 27. November 2010

Freitag, 26. November 2010

Lily alone at home

Just loving it.

I do not need to share our TV.
I can watch whatever silly I want to watch.

I can mess up our living-room without feeling
guilty. Or I can be lazy...

Sonntag, 21. November 2010

Happy birthday!

Today we had a birthday party!

Samstag, 20. November 2010

I am like my old aunts...

My old aunts speek mostly about their health issues.

Well, that is the theme here at this side,too.

Just after I felt better and went to work again on friday

I had my annual Doc appointment.

I need to get each year my skin checked for cancer.

Nothing that hurts. The doc just looks at your skin.

Well, Doc saw two pieces that needed to be cut out.

I decided to get it done ensuite.

So I live now with yarn in my body for the next two weeks.

Thanks God I know the procedere coz it is the third time

I had to get two pieces cut out. In two weeks I will get the results.

And in three weeks I will go into the hospital to get it checked if

they are able to operate my myom.

Donnerstag, 18. November 2010

Christmas shopping

I do not know how much you like Christmas shopping. I hate the crowds in the malls - special before Christmas. I am more the type for the lovely small shops or the net.

It is easy to find good stores in the net. For nice shopes in real life it is a bit more difficult coz the shops I loved have died over the years. What came now as something to replace the old fashioned nice stores are short-term-possibilities with exhibitions and the chance to buy great things.

This year there are two places in Hannover to go for shopping special things before Christmas:

One is the designachten. It starts the first time so we have to see if it will be great or not.

The other one is well known. It is the "Werkstatt-Ausstellung" bei Orike Muth. Do not miss it. It is a bit hard to find but worth the effort (17.12.: 17.00-20.00Uhr; 18.+19.12.: 11.00-20.00 Uhr).

Slowing down

Hey, I hate it when my body does not fuction how he should.
I had to stay in bed for nearly two days now. Sleeping.

Could think about something better to do.
Well, my body decided that sleep was needed.

It still hurts, but I got up now.
Slowly brewing some hot tea.
Everything takes such an amount of time.

Sonntag, 14. November 2010

Today: Hunsrück, Bruehl and driving back home

After a weekend in the Hunsrück area we drove back home today.
It is a five hours drive. Nothing to enjoy - it was rainy and dark
most of the time.
After some time on the road we decided to take a break in Brühl.
There was a market and we hoped to get something to eat.

Donnerstag, 11. November 2010


Early morning, Germany 11.11.2010

Mittwoch, 10. November 2010

A rainy day in Hannover

A rainy dark day in Hannover. Late in the afternoon and me
hungry searching for something hot to eat.

I had missed lunch and nothing in my fridge.
So out into the streets for searching a nice restaurant.

I went to the Limmerstraße. It is a nice street with
shops in the northern part of Linden. And I decided I
wanted a meal with fresh veggies and spieces.

It is crazy how you have sometines only to decide what you wish and it appears.
I found the Street Kitchen, a nice restaurant with viet cuisine.

I decided to take the daily choice of chicken and wow-
see what I got for 5,-- €:

The meal was delicious and it was worth the walk through the rain!

Dienstag, 9. November 2010

A good resource

When I want to give myself something to think about in a good way one thing among others is to visit this site. Hope you enjoy it, too.


Montag, 8. November 2010

The rolls

Today I have to start work late. That was the reason I asked my husband yesterday to get us rolls for breakfast today. It was more a sort of a joke - I know how much he hates to go out of his usual way (a slice of dark bread with honey). And this wish asked him to leave our flat, go to the bakery and eat rolls. Well, I heard him leave our flat today and it took longer than to get our rubbish out to the bin. And some minutes later I was getting rolls fresh from the bakery, yummi....

Sonntag, 7. November 2010

Lazy weekend

I did not do much this weekend. Sleeping, eating, reading...

And I wrote the Adventcalender cards today - now they have to wait some days before I take them to the post office.

Freitag, 5. November 2010


I am still reading Alice Miller.
And drinking a hot tea.
Nothing special - just a normal day here.

Donnerstag, 4. November 2010

About Alice Miller and my gift today

Today I helped someone to hold a door open for passing with parcels. I did not know the person but it felt good to help - my gift for today.

I read on a great blog about a book written by Alice Miller and decided to buy it. It is the german version and called "Die Revolte des Körpers" and I got it today. I want to start reading now so goodbye for today...

Mittwoch, 3. November 2010

On giving gifts

I do not know how often you give gifts. Do you wait for special occasions? Do you want something in return?

For me it is hard to give and receive thanks to my parents.

I still remember being told to be nice and give one of the blouses my parents bought for me (as presents for my birthday some weeks later) to my older sister coz she liked them so much and other humilating things related to gifts. And to getting gifts: I will never forget my parents wanting so much praise for something they had done for me I did not like their gift at all.

It took me a long time to give without a special occasion and without wanting something in return.

I started to do this some years ago: I sent postcards each week to my sister and a friend.
Both without an occasion - both without wanting something in return. I really like choosing the cards and sending them. And sometimes I send postcards to other people, too.
And today I decided to send a friend a bag I made- just out of the blue...

One day in bed - still a headache

Yesterday I stayed nearly the whole day in bed. I had a headache and did not feel well at all.
Today I went to work again and got a headache only later in the day.
I hate it when my body does slow me down.

I went to the local bookstore to browse the shelves after work. I found a great book and decided to check the webside today.