Sonntag, 30. Oktober 2011

Just checking in at the Muffin Mann

Great to have a lot of places with free internet.
Today I have a great cappuccino at the Muffin Mann and free connection to the net.

Still a lot needs to be done but one after another everything finds ist (temporary) place.

Mittwoch, 26. Oktober 2011

Today from the public library

I write this post at the public library. Our move went well. Only the usual little damage here and there and still a lot of boxes to unpack. Guess which rooms I started to get pretty first? Right, an easy guess: The kitchen and the master bedroom.

There is still a lot of work needed to be done. And it will take some time to get our phone and internet connected again. Our phone company needs a person to do some work and with a lot of luck we will get the connection running on the 4th of November.

Happy me, I can use the free internet at our public library in town.

Do you have such a service at your library, too?

Freitag, 21. Oktober 2011

I do not want to talk in detail...

... about the last days. Just let me say I caught a very unpleasant virus and just start today to feel a bit better. Hope to forget this episode very soon.

Sonntag, 16. Oktober 2011

Today - a clock gone wild

Kröpcke Uhr Hannover 2011

And the winner is...

... cococita!

Please send me your snail-mail-ad.

Donnerstag, 13. Oktober 2011

A give away (Closed)

I am totaly in love with these owls - and doesn't the red fabric add a lot of lovely colour?

Red fabric made by Stenzo, owl fabric after a design from Hamburger Liebe produced by michas-stoffecke, bag made by me.

All you have to do: Leave a comment until sunday 12:00 am Greenwich time.

Open international.

Mittwoch, 12. Oktober 2011

How to get much done in little time

part of a monument Bratislava 2011

Do you know how it feels when you think there is so much that needs to be done and so little time for it?

That is a feeling I often experience and when I let myself dive into it I do not get anything done at all. So I decided to try out some tricks to get some things done and perhaps more things than I thought possible.

Here are the tricks that worked for me in the past:

Put everything out of sight and only the one project you work on on your table.

Give the projekts you put aside dates to look at them again. Write these dates on your timetable.
Take breaks. Yes, I tried to work the whole day without a bigger break and did I get more done? No, I did get less done than with breaks. So try to give you every now and than a little tea or coffee break. Try to get a little walk during lunch break... Do not feel guilty while having these breaks (That is a thing I still have to work on).

Do not think you need to know the best solution before you start your project.

Best is to get as much data as you need and than start your project just like a big game. You will perhaps take the wrong path for awhile but when you get further into it you will get the feeling if it is the right path or not.

Are not to shy to ask questions.

Are not to shy to ask for help.

When you have to do something you do not like do not concentrate on your dislike. Just do it when it needs to be done.

Celebrate when you finished something.

What are your tricks?

Lovely autumn mail

Look what I got in my snail - mail - box from Claudia.

I could not resist to combine the reds and oranges with
jeans - I think it is so beautiful. I love Claudias retro style.

Samstag, 8. Oktober 2011

On packing

The pile of boxes is growing. Memories come back with each item I pack.
Lovely or sad, all part of my life. Some things have to go. There is no longer a place in my life and heart for them. Other things can stay. How much there is after some years. Collecting, dreaming...

Montag, 3. Oktober 2011

Pears and apples and boxes

Sorry, I can not come here as often as I am used to. I packed some more boxes and I got a load of apples and pears. So I am sitting now between boxes and apples and pears.

Sonntag, 2. Oktober 2011

A lot of work ...

Bratislava 2011

... before a big move.

Our new home needs some work and we are sitting in boxes in our old flat.

When everything goes well we will move this month.

Yesterday - Berlin

Yesterday I did the travelling back home. My journey started in Bratislava, Prag and Dresden were on route. And in Berlin I changed trains and ran to the exit to get this shot.

Now I am back home.