Donnerstag, 31. Mai 2012

You guessed right Diana - a mushroom

Growing on our old willow in our frontyard.

Mittwoch, 30. Mai 2012

Buchteln - and a guessing game

My hubby and me, we have a routine around here. When I forget my key and hubby brings it to me I have to bake Buchteln. He loves Buchteln and knews that it takes much time to make them.

Yesterday I saw bright yellow/orange in our frontyard and I wanted to take a pic today. I left the key inside and the main door closed. Hubby came back from work and opend the door for me. I am lucky to have such a hubby. I made Buchteln today.

This is why I went outdoors:

do you know what it is?

Dienstag, 29. Mai 2012

The next day: Schwarzort (Juodkrantė)

This is the place why I look like a tomato still.
Endless beach, endless dunes...
No shadow for hours.

I met two woman collecting seaweed to brew a skin medicine.
I could have used some but they explained it has to go for some time into vodka.
Only afterwards it can be used and I had no time to stay there for so long.

After walking for hours I stopped my try to walk back the 18 km to Smiltynė and prefered to go back to Schwarzort.

Well, it is not just ants and wood...

From Klaipeda you need to travel by ferry to this place.
It is short and cheap to use the ferry, it goes once an hour during day-time.

First you will see the woods (and when you are lucky the ants).
After the woods there is beach. This sort of beach:

You can walk for miles here...
The next village will be in 18 km .
(Well, you better check the clock and go in the right time for the ferry.)

What is the seaside without them?

Art at the roadside.

Modern and old style. 
You will find it when you look by your heart.

And the joy of reaching the ferry in time and beautiful weather.

In the woods near Smiltynė...

... I found this big hill made by ants.

I could not stop myself from writing a poem about it:

ach Ameisenhügel, 
Gewimmel von Ameisen, 
was wäre ein B-Meisenhügel?

(Sorry - a translation will not give any sense at all)

Samstag, 26. Mai 2012


... now I will take a short gap from the net coz I want to enjoy the seaside. And there will be no internet the next days.

Aennchen von Tharau

How often did I play this song on my trumpet for old peoples birthdays?
Praising this beautiful girl.
Here you can find a statue for her.


Yesterday I arrived in Klaipeda.
It is a town near the seaside and I hope to see the Baltic sea soon. Until now I just enjoyed strolling around.

Donnerstag, 24. Mai 2012

When time is running fast

(both pics from yesterday)

and you need a time-out in a nice place I highly recommend the vegafe in Vilnius. A shoe-free area with good food, a great range of juices, teas and pillows to enjoy.

Today no pics

Today we got much information about Jews in Lithuania. Such mostly sad stories!

Mittwoch, 23. Mai 2012

Dienstag, 22. Mai 2012


After a hard day of work I took a little stroll around.
And I tried a bit more to get used to the meals here.
Seems I am falling in love with the meals at Zemaiciai.
I was there for the forth time during my stay in Vilnius allready.

Montag, 21. Mai 2012

Today - Vilnius is not something for a short visit..

... coz it is big and you will get a lot only when you take your time for this city.

Today - raw42

After a hard day with a lot of input I needed some vitamins to get-away the last bits of my cold.
I allready tried to get something at raw42 on sunday, but I was told they are having a course and were not open. Today I had more luck and got a big heap of vitamins there. I loved their decoration,too- they used herbs and sprouts - how cool is that? They have just opened last week and are very friendly and speak English, their website is just under construction so we will have to wait a bit to see more online.

Sonntag, 20. Mai 2012

Eating in Vilnius- Saturday night


Today I have to fight with a bad cold coming on a visit. Hope he will leave soon.

And today my course starts. I hope to learn a lot about Vilnius and the history of Lithuania. When you have any questions about this place please ask - I will try to answer.

Samstag, 19. Mai 2012

Today - beautiful decay in Vilnius

Today - Trakai

Today I decided to take a bus to Trakai. There I had the most delicious choc-cake at AJsokoladas -while enjoing the cake and a coffee I heared a woman play the flute and sing beautiful acapella at one of the neighbour tables. It was like some minutes in paradise.

After a walk around  I enjoyed lunch and had a visit by this lovely cat, well, she was late - everything eaten, poor cat. Just some crumbs from my napkin was all I could offer.