Samstag, 30. Juni 2012

Let me introduce...

...Ms. K. - she is the newest member of our family. Still a little puff of feathers she is really adorable. Well, grown up she will reach about 80 cm heigh. She is awake during the early night so I visited her yesterday night and saw for the first time in my life lightening bugs (Glühwürmchen)  - they were flying around her cage. Was a really magical time out there.

Palmengarten - a story in pics

Frankfurt am Main 29.06.2012

Sky - Frankfurt am Main 29.06.2012

I had not been for some years to Frankfurt am Main. So when I had a chance yesterday I said yes and went in the city. A lot had changed or is still changing ( a lot of building/rebuilding is still done). Sushimoto - my fav sushi is not longer in the Zeil-Gallerie (it has moved), but next to the Zeil-Gallerie I found a new house with a crazy hole in the wall. You could see the sky through it so I will share it with Earth Wonders - sky.

After my stroll along the Zeil I went over the Iron bridge to Sachsenhausen.

On this side are a lot of museums, but the weather was so good I wanted to be outside - preferably in a place with flowers and shadow - so I took the Underground to the Palmengarten. But that is a story for it's own post.

Mittwoch, 27. Juni 2012


Green lane, Jersey 2012

There is no way back in time. Just in your dreams or daydreams you can go back. Still you can not change anything happened in the past - good or evil - you have to live with it as it had happened.
And you can not change your future coz you can not go there - you may dream about it, that's all, good dreams or nightmares, not being sure what will happen.

All you have is the present. 

Doing something in the present can change your look onto your past and your future.
Get up your ass and do not let worrying stop you what you need to do.

Montag, 25. Juni 2012

I'm just a lucky girl

I was asked recently if I work in touristics. The answer is no. I just love to travel. And I enjoy it a lot to be able to do so.


Just a rainy day in Hannover. Shopping for something to eat and drink. Scin-doc cutting again - two times this time - and telling me he will have to cut me again in three months time on my left leg. Enjoyed myself with the usual little shopping tour afterwards (remind yourself for next time - do not take hubby with you - you buy much less when he waits). Got some nice things from Ms. Becky and Zenobie in the mail today - thank you!

Sonntag, 24. Juni 2012

Jersey - occupation tapestry

Just some snippets of the occupation tapestry. During the second world war Jersey was occupied by the Germans. In the 90s of the last century people stiched scenes that illuminate this time. You can still see some bunkers and so on made of concrete by the Germans when you walk on the coastpaths.

A novel that illuminates this time on the channel islands is the Guernsey literary and potatoe peel pie society, a great read - just take your time to get used to the letter form ( well, it took me some time and I allready thought, oh, no..., but after getting used to it was great) and you will enjoy your travel back in time.

Jersey - an ode in pics

Jersey - food with views


When you see these little huts at St. Aubins bay you are not far from a good pizza. In these huts a very good pizza is made and you can take your box just some steps down the pavement and eat it with a great seaview. Do not forget to bring your own wine  - I loved how the local white wine (La Mare Wine Estate - bottle with a screw-top) came together with the flavours of my goatcheese, caramelized onion pizza ( I ate it two times in a row, just could not stop me).

Just a short walk away you will find the beautiful view of St. Aubin's harbour.

And now you are in for another good meal: Just some steps from  the harbour you will find the Salty Dog. It is a bit more pricey than a pizza, but oh my God, you feel in heaven when you try their twice baked gorgonzola cheese soufflé, their local seafood or their sticky pudding...

Jersey - open studios and exhibition

When you are on Jersey at the moment you have a chance to see some studios of local artists. And when you see some shipping container near St. Helier harbour that look a bit unusual (see above) you are near an exhibition of local art.

Painting with Maureen Osborne at the Harbour Gallery

The Harbour Gallery in St. Aubin, Jersey is a good adress when you want to buy local art.
And they have some courses to attend, too.
I took a painting class with Maureen Osborne. We were a nice little group and I got two acrilic paintings done during the course. Maureen gave me some great tips and I am very happy with the results.