Sonntag, 28. Juli 2013

Today - phonecall

Today I had a phonecall. My mother was asking how our weather situation is. We have had some heavy wind, rain, thunder and lightening, but everything is fine again now, thanks.

And I had to realize again that she can not let something been said without comparing or playing it little. That is not so great, but it is only for a short time. Other people are in much worse conditions, just remember xy?

Thank you mum for asking me about the weather. It is fine now.

Please God let me try to speak only about the weather next time, coz I do not want to feel little again next time, too.

Samstag, 27. Juli 2013

Today - beauty is where you find it

Pics from my balcony.

I loved the fresh air this morning.
We had rain yesterday and it cooled down a bit.

No more pain pills at the moment and everything is fine.

Mittwoch, 24. Juli 2013


Today it  is hot, but dark. A mixture of grey clouds in the sky.

My pills kill the pain and I am not black and blue in my face - yiipieehh!

It just still hurts a little bit when I smile over my whole face.

I ordered some Tana Lawn yesterday. I nearly alltimes  do buy some fabric after an operation. My skin doc is near limetrees and I am usual afterwards there to give myself a present to forget the pain. A bit childish, but it helps me to deal with these situations. My operation on monday was about 500m away from home - no fabric store nearby, but shaukat has the most gorgeous Liberty Tana Lawn online.

What do you do when you want to forget pain?

Dienstag, 23. Juli 2013

Montag, 22. Juli 2013

Cool hot summer day

Today I had my dentist appointment to get an implant. Never gotten one before I was curious. I asked if I could see something and they changed the op setting for me - really nice. Everything went well and afterwards I was lying with a cool-pad in my bed this afternoon. Now it starts to hurt a bit, but I got so much medicine I think it will be o.k. again soon.

Sonntag, 21. Juli 2013

At my friends home

I have a friend since more than a decade. And today she invited me to come to her freshly renovated flat. It was lovely to see how much more pretty the flat looked now.

Donnerstag, 18. Juli 2013


Thank you for your kind words. Yes, I am feeling a bit better at the moment. The situation has not changed much, but I try to live more in the moment. I sent a job application away today again. And now I enjoy my life as good as possible.

Driving on the left side of the road

Howth, Ireland 2013

During our stay in Ireland we rented a car. First time to rent a car during holidays for me. And yes, I drove a bit, too. Well, hubby got so scared I just managed something like 2 km before I let him drive again. Ireland is a bit special to drive. The lanes are really really small and it did not help much that we were upgraded at our car-rental. So we drove with a Skoda Oktavia through very very small lanes.

What I loved most was going along the small lanes through this beautiful landscapes and having air-condition. It was really hot - who said Ireland is rain and temperatures around 20° C?  When it is not so hot I think it would be nice to walk a bit more. We had just one walk in the hills.

The cities I loved most. It is easy: Galway and Dublin. Galway is a beauty with streetmusic and Dublin, it is so easy to go in the countyside from this city. Just some kilometers and you are for example in Howth at the seaside.

What I missed most? Well, when you drive around like we did you have a heavy scheldue coz the hotels are booked in advance and you can not say I will come again tomorrow. You have to miss a lot of beautiful things, coz this island is really beautiful and you can not visit everything in eight days.

Mittwoch, 17. Juli 2013

It is summertime

Ireland 2013

It is summer all over.
My plants need each day water to thrive.
Blueberries, strawberries....

Dienstag, 16. Juli 2013

Ireland - fog

Ireland IV - the lonely houses on the rock

Just two ruins and a gravestone on a rock in the sea. 
Who might have lived here?

Ireland III

Ireland II

I do not know the guy in the blue shirt, but doesn't he fit into the last second pic so well?

Ireland I

I just got back from Ireland with a n overnightstay in Berlin last night.  The trains still need three hours from Berlin to Hannover so we had no change to arrive in Hannover yesterday. I decided to check in a cheap three star hotel coz it was just for one night sleeping. Well, it was the most comfortable night during our vacation.

Ireland. I booked it some week in advance and decided to drive around and stay in four and three star hotels. One of the four star hotels just had me wondering that there was not one star left and the others fallen, coz they seem to have nothing done for 30 years. The water was so brown out of the taps - same after you waited some time - that I did not want to use it. The others were o.k., but not greart either.

What was really great were the landscapes. I took over 500 pics during our eight days stay. And it is really hard to decide which one is the one I want to show you, coz all are so beautiful.