Samstag, 29. März 2014


Today the sun is shining and I am happy.

My dad is back home. My pain got better.
I finished work and will start new at a new place soon.
I will be in Berlin next week.

I started to crochet again - just woolen hads, but so satisfying.

Mittwoch, 26. März 2014


Today was a day to eat sweets.

Sonntag, 23. März 2014


Today I visited my dad in the hospital, visited some relatives which still have some sort of a little farm and went to the sea.

Samstag, 22. März 2014


Today I called my mother and she told me that my father is in hospital since yesterday morning.
I asked if I should come and she said there is no need.

Freitag, 21. März 2014


Today was the last day of my exams for this time (next will be in June/July). I will get the results in two months time and the tests were horrible like alltimes - they do not announce the fail - quotas anymore, but a high percentage will not pass.

The next part of my exams has had a failure-quotas of 50% last time I was told, uggghh.

Now life will go on. I allready made myself some comfy food and slept a bit and now I will paint a bit to cheer me up.
What are you up to tonight?

Donnerstag, 20. März 2014

Mittwoch, 19. März 2014


Just some minutes ago: demonstration near Aegi in Hannover by verdi

I just happened to cross the street when I saw police and people coming.
No Underground or Kindergarten today.

Is it usual that people put down work i. e. strike to get more money or anything else where you live?

Dienstag, 18. März 2014


Oh my, I am happy it is Tuesday.

Samstag, 15. März 2014


Today Holländischer Stoffmarkt was in town.
You know this when you see a lot of ladies with big bags fighting to get a place to see at the stalls half an hour before the announced beginning.

Holländischer Stoffmarkt, 15.03.2014 in Hannover
circa. 9:30 am

Freitag, 14. März 2014


Today I wrote four hours for a part of my exams. Next Friday I will write another part. The results will come in some months time. You do not know before how it went, there is a high percentage that has to write a second or third time before finishing exams. I just know I went to bed early and took a long long nap until now.

Mittwoch, 12. März 2014


You might allready know I took some days off to learn for my exams.
I know myself and know I am not able to learn the whole day so today I took some time off to go to the Neues Rathaus here in Hannover.

You can use a special elevator (after you paid 3 Euros) to go up on their roof.
You have a great view of Hannover up there And I think you would like to see some images, too, right? So here we go:

Edit: The first picture shows a bridge with a lot paddocks, lovers put them there and throw away their key as a sign that they want their lovebound will never destroyed; beautiful, isn't it?

Dienstag, 11. März 2014


Today I got the new shoes and plants I ordered.
I will plant them tomorrow. (Just the plants - not the shoes, although that would be a nice idea for sure.)

Montag, 10. März 2014


Today it felt like summer - warm and sunny.
I took a lot of breaks to enjoy this feeling and go outside.

Samstag, 8. März 2014


Pics from my back yard.
I left old leaves to give a blanket feeling for these ones.

Have a nice and relaxing weekend!

Mittwoch, 5. März 2014


Seems I will change working places again soon. Another firm, new co-workers, new work.
A bit scared, a bit hopeful looking in the future - will everything be fine?

Dienstag, 4. März 2014


Today I stay at home to give the wounds some time to heal.
Last time I did not and I had really problems with woundhealing.
They are just small, but in not so nice places at my back.
I have pain doing normal stuff - not alltimes just when I do something like uhhmmm forget it, I will not share this here! It is o.k. and bearable.

Montag, 3. März 2014


Today I had my three monthly check at my skin doc.
Like all the last visits I had to undergo surgery.
Three times at my back moles were cut out to be checked for melanoma.
Melanoma has to be taken out early - the prospects of later stages are not great.
When it is taken out early you have a high survival rate.

So please go and let a doc check your skin, too.

Sonntag, 2. März 2014


In my frontyard

Samstag, 1. März 2014


Being home I had enough time to sleep long today and take an afternoon nap.
When I cleaned my bags I still found a shell from the seaside.

Hope you have a calm and relaxing weekend, too.