Sonntag, 31. Mai 2015

blue patches

Something went a bit wrong with two of the three cuts - they got a big blue patch around them.
So the pain meds I took for two days against some sort of virus from Thursday on - together with a long time in bed - helped for both. I am now nearly back to normal.

Mittwoch, 27. Mai 2015

you can call me patches

Today I felt not great, left work early and got three new cuts at my skin doc.
Not so great...

Montag, 25. Mai 2015


Last week was more eventful than I hoped for.

For this week I hope for a regular week.

No fires, bombs and more bad health news for family members please!

Mittwoch, 20. Mai 2015


Yesterday I came home late from work. When I reached my street I heard cars with megaphones, but could not understand what they said. A woman waiting told me they were evacuating. Home my husband allready had packed a suitcase and we left home 15 minutes after I came home from work. A bomb from WW II was found and we (and 31.000 other people) had to stay out of the area.

Where to go now? It was allready 8:00 pm. We decided to go to my husbands workplace.

There we left our car and had some sushi and went to watch a film at the cinema nearby. Afterwards - at my husbands workplace again - we waited for the signal that all is clear again. At 2:30 am we got the signal and were home in bed at 3:00 am.

I decided to take a day off today coz I was really sleepy this morning.

What to do with a day off?

On short notice I got my first FSME shot at my doc. Another will follow in two to three months time, a third later. I want to go to Riga in summer and there is a big FSME problem so better take care for that.

A lot of sleeping afterwards. Just woke up again and it is allready 2:00 pm.

Samstag, 16. Mai 2015

Herrenhäuser Gärten - Feuerwerkswettbewerb

Having relatives visiting is a good excuse to go out to see the fireworks.

Music and fireworks, a glass of sparling wine and ....

Freitag, 8. Mai 2015

I can not believe it...

... today I got the letter that I passed the exam I rewrote last March. Yeah!