Samstag, 29. August 2015


I should write lovely personal stories here. About seeing old women with mittens on their needles. The hemp-farmer who tries to do a living with hemp products. Beautiful homemade meals. The weavers still weaving beautiful old woolen patterns. 

This time I was together with my husband on the road and in the course. And there is one curse for travelling not alone: it was nearly impossible to have great chats with locals outside the course. 
Do not get me wrong / I had a good time, just a bit different than the last years.

My time in Riga

I had a course to attend in Riga. Meeting local people and organisations. And trying to absorb everything of this city.

Riga and Latvia I got to know is not what you think. It is beautiful and ugly, the people are rich or poor in an unbelievable way. When you ask two people a question you will get more than three answers.

Riga has beautiful food markets and traditional crafts - yet I missed to see street-art and the food in Latvia was not up to the beautiful local products displayed in the markets.

Riga - central market

Riga - beautiful city

Freitag, 28. August 2015

Near Sabile

Near Sabile in the Kurzeme region is a beautiful outdoor art museum. It is so big you nearly do not see any other people. And nearby is a very good rstaurant. Try the potatoe pancakes or the vegetable platter and look at the art - well, that is what I did.

Travel in the Kurzeme region

From Liepaja I decided to explore a bit more of the Kurzeme region. And I really loved the landscapes and little towns, but beware of the food. As great as the landscapes looks as bad can the food in a restaurant be.
Better buy something to eat and drink in a supermarket. And the streets are really great, too. There are a lot of small streets that are only designed for one small car and consists of just some stones put on the ground. It was really fun for me to drive as fast as possible down these roads in the hope to be so fast no other car will go in the opposite direction, coz there was no space for two cars on the road.


After the hill of crosses in Lithuania I headed to Liepaja in Latvia. Liepaja was described in my travel book as a nice place to stay at the sea, but not beautiful.

Well, I was a bit worrying if I did the right thing to book three nights in the hotel Roze in Liepaja.

The hotel Roze is a beautiful wooden villa near to the beach and town. It was a great time to be so near to the beach and I loved the calm and easygoing atmosphere of this city.

Lithuania / hill of crosses

Last time I was in Lithuania I wanted to visit the hill of crosses. I had no idea how far away it is from Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, the town I stayed last time. I was told at the bus station in Vilnius it is a long long trip and not suitable for a one day trip I had in my mind. So I visited beautiful Trakai and not the hill of crosses.

Now, some years later, I took a cheap plane to Riga and rented a car and was on my way to the hill of crosses. I had a plan and two maps - one of Latvia and another of Lithuania.

The hill is a bit difficult to find, because it is in the countryside and not in a town. It is really impressive with thousands and thousands of crosses. Small ones and big ones. Pics can not do justice the atmosphere of this place - for me it was like a sacred place with some smiling wrinkles.

Sonntag, 16. August 2015


Sunday - two more days of work and I will have ten days of holidays. I am really looking forward to some days off. And I am really happy. I will leave my comfort level to learn a lot. I hope to be back with some pics.

Sonntag, 9. August 2015


It is hot - a real hot summer this year.

And I do not have a lot of nice T-shirts. I am outgrown the normal from the shop variety and do not want to live in tents, so I decided to start sewing with Jersey. My, was I scared. The last time I sewed with Jersey was a pair of Marlene trousers when I was twelve. I was a bit ahead of time I guess, because nobody else was wearing them at that time. I loved them for my summer holidays, but I sewed them with normal needles and had to live with some holes in the fabric.

Now I am a bit more grown up and I got myself needles for sewing Jersey. And I have to tell you it makes a real big difference. The first T-shirt I made was for my big sister, she asked for a second one with another motive (she seems not to like orange foxes in a blue forest) - I decided to sew her today another T-shirt with yellow cats on green and daisies. I have not finished the second one yet, but not being so much scared really helps. When this one I finished I will start to sew for myself.

Sonntag, 2. August 2015


Just behind the big lake with the party there are some smaller lakes. These lakes are great for swimming. Today I went swimming in the Dreiecksteich. It is beautiful there. I found a spot with some stones to get into the lake and I could see big dragonflies mating above and smaller ones just flying by while I swam.

These days

Summer is here. And in summer Hannover celebrates a lakeside party. For three weeks there is a lot of beer, music and food to be consumed near our artificial city lake. I decided to go there yesterday in the evening. And well, it was crowded. I decided to go to the part where they sell Guiness and Kilkenny and had a glass of Kilkenny. Short holiday in the city with a beautiful sunset above the lake.

Samstag, 1. August 2015


Allready one week gone by. Some days ago I sent my first selfmade jersey t-shirt to my sister. It came out great for a first one, hope she likes it. I used some fabric from lillestoff. Lillestoff is located near to my hometown and produces beautiful colourful jersey. 

Today we have sunshine and it is still nice cool outside so I did allready some gardening in the morning. 

Now I will run to the postoffice to send away a birthday card. I painted the envelope yesterday.