Sonntag, 27. November 2016

The End

I think it is enough I wrote in this place. It was a long time. Perhaps I will be back (in another place and time?), but at the moment I do not have the energy to write here any more.

During this time - I married my than boyfriend, moved jobs several times, found the job I have now for 2 1/2 years and love. Started to get social again - I work in a space together with other once a week. I got to go on holidays on my own and with my husband and learn a lot. I met a lot of nice people.

Time to move on, find new challenges.

Perhaps programming? Anyone out there with a clue where I can find more information about programming?

Dienstag, 22. November 2016


Well, the day started allready bad, but around lunchtime I got the notice I needed another op. I decided to get it today - and tadahhh - I have three new stiches in the old spot. One spot was not clear at the margins and had to be done again.

Pain starts to come slowly, but better than cancer.

Samstag, 19. November 2016


Like nearly alltimes when I visit the dermatologist I had an op this month. Three moles were cut out this time and I was ill for two days coz one was in a not so great place. A co-worker cut off the threads one week later - could not stand them any longer.

Lot of work and birthday parties this month.
Nice when you are in an age to really gift yourself what you want. I got half of a new coffemaker - my husband got the other half -  just some days before our birthday.
We tried our first coffee yesterday and it is nice.

Sonntag, 6. November 2016

These days

I was in Berlin. Just for two nights. Was great, but a bit exhausting.

Mittwoch, 12. Oktober 2016


My week in Jerusalem

Jerusalem - the old town, how would it challenge me?


First the heat - it was really hot and sunny. The best places to be were in the Old town. There the houses are built so high and near to each other that you have nice shadow, but in the newer parts it was hot. Best time to be here was after sundown. I love one part of the new city a lot. It is near the art academy and the streets are decorated with umbrellas and sombreros and so on..., each street in an different design.

I stayed in a hotel near a shopping mall where art was sold, too. Best way to get to Jaffa gate through this mall. Oh, and yes, I stayed in a kosher hotel - means very vegetarian friendly coz for convenience they just served vegetarian food.

In the Old town there were the churches, mosques and synagoges. So much of them, unbelieveable for the smallness of the old town. I was blessed by a catholic priest and an orthodox one and visited a lot of churches. Well, the mosques and synagoges, it is a bit difficult. On the temple hill you were not allowed - most time - when you were no muslima. The orthodox synagoges have a strict reglement, too - women are just allowed in a small place at the back - same was at the western wall - divided for genders - on the left men and on the right women - I wonder if there is any transgender Jew?

I met a lot of other tourists in the old town. 

And I did a lot of walking, but beware - the stones are so old and so many feet walked over them they are not easy to walk. One nice walk was over the ramparts that enclose the Old city.

Montag, 19. September 2016


Some weeks after some dentist works I still have problems with my teeth. Oh, not to mention I feel like I have pain nearly everywhere and the normal health status - or should I say not-feeling-well-status?

I love to sew and do pottery, have a nice meal and a decent beer. Well, I still can have these things. But it would be much nicer to have no pain, too.

Sonntag, 28. August 2016


Oh my, this heat - I can not believe it was as crazy hot when I was a child. I cut lunch short and made frittatas today (salmon) and yesterday (spinach). A dip in one of the lakes was my wish this afternoon - I got it, but I was red before and after the swim - it was so hot outside I looked like a fresh cooked lobster - I worried about being sunburned a lot - well, was just the heat.

Sonntag, 21. August 2016

Loved Copenhagen

On our way back we had several hours in Copenhagen and I loved this exhibition on the street.

Samstag, 20. August 2016


The last days I stayed in the capital of Estonia: Tallinn. Tallinn is not very big, but very beautiful and oh my, they know how to cook, bake and brew there. My husband came along this time and he told me the meals were to good and next time he wants less (I guess he will have to travel alone next time - I loved the meals). We did a lot of sightseeing, walking and eating. Five days we were together with a group to explore the e-Estonia. Estonia was one of the first countries where you can do nearly everything online (except things like marriage and divorce - you get the concept). Children learn at an early age how programming works and they have a network of echarger for cars all over Estonia.

As beautiful as Tallinn is you are not alone there - other tourists know how beautiful this town is, too - or want to know it. There are a lot of cruise ships each days and ferries from Helsinki. Meals and drinks are not cheap and it is good to reserve a seat when you want to go into a special restaurant.
Public transportation is easy - you can buy at each R-Kiosk a green card for 2,-€ and load it up with how much you want - three days free travel in Tallinn was 5,-€ , so really cheap compared with Germany.

I loved these old medival walls and towers - like from a fairytale.
Up from the Domberg the city looks like this:

Sonntag, 7. August 2016

Sonntag, 31. Juli 2016


After some days in bed with pain I went out today. Eight hours doing pottery. I painted one pice and made ten new ones. Still trying to get the hang of it. Love to play with my hands and am in a hate and love relationship with the last finish - the colours behave in a way I can not control - sometimes beautiful, sometimes not so.

Mittwoch, 20. Juli 2016


It is hot today, hot hot hot...

Headache hot.

Sonntag, 17. Juli 2016


Going slowly, not getting much done. Still a bit problems with my eyes ( had an emergency doc visit for it on thursday). Knobbles on my feet - told not cancerous tumours. And the feeling I will get knobbles on my hands soon, too - I see allready structures like it in my hands. Pain, shortness of breath, feeling like a 80 years old in body and a 19 years old in mind.

Did a bit of painting and sewing today, watched a bit netflix and surfed the net. Nothing to be much proud of. Checked to get a place for pottery on tuesday. Still my pottery looks like made by a 8 years old. Well, a nice group there and everything is about doing it more often so I get the go of it...

Samstag, 16. Juli 2016


Crazy world. Nice, Turkey and still Fukushima - how will this go on?
Thinking about the people affected.

Sonntag, 10. Juli 2016


I woke up early, made myself some espresso and baked cookies. The sun is shining, little clouds in a mediterianblue sky. Crazy dove tried to take a bath in my little fishpond. Was a bit angry when I told her no.

Sonntag, 3. Juli 2016

Friday night

Friday night we were invited to a little party in a beautiful flat in an ugly neighbourhood. The view from the flat is incredible beautiful, but getting there is a nightmare. Everywhere open construction sites since years - no guess if the construction will be finished any time.

Well, as ugly as the building is there is alltimes something new to see. The first pic shows some new street-art saying: "God loves all his sinners", second part of the bulding with love on it, third fireworks over the city from the balcony of the flat.

Sonntag, 26. Juni 2016


A hurray to internet shopping.

I just ordered some more hoyas for my home. I have a nice spot that can do with some more plants. I ordered mine at kakteen haage in Erfurt - they send plants and not just brances, a bit more pricey, but it is woth it.

And I ordered some pottery for work. A big mug for my tea (0,5 liter go inside :-)) and a bowel for my muesli.

Now I just have to wait for the parcels to arrive.

Hey, have I told you I started to do pottery? I found a workplace just some streets away and the people are really nice. Have to get used to do it - last time I did it I was in middle school. I started to do some small things last week, mostly buttons.

Samstag, 25. Juni 2016


Got so wet today. Heavy rain.

Dienstag, 21. Juni 2016


Being late my car was today my choose of transportation. Well, it did not work today. No chance for me to get it started. I called work for a day off, uggghhh. One more day of my holidays for such crap.

I still have a lot of pain. Not unbearable, but still ... I called my geral doc today and was told the next free late date in the timeline would be August. I am feeling a bit crazy not being in so big pain I have to go to the hospital asap, but enough pain to be unpleasant. A pain you can not grasp like a broken arm or a swollen ankle. I have pain in different parts of my body at different times - changing in a pattern I do not know yet. Am I imagining my pain or is it real? Why I am in pain?

Enough of being sorry for myself - something good comes out of it for sure or so I hope.

Samstag, 11. Juni 2016

What the ... ?

I cursed a lot these days.

On Tuesday I got big pain getting on the first step of the local streetcar - so much pain I thought I would not get in it. Well, somehow I managed it, but the pain stayed - not going down much.

On Wednesday I went to my general doc and he told me to take some days big painkiller and stay at home for three days. The painkiller were really huge, but my pain, too. Usual I have problems getting such big pills in, but not this time. After two days on painkiller and still with heavy pain I visited my orthopädic doc yesterday.

Seems I have a rare condition- morbus boeck or morbus ledderhose. Means I have small knots in my feet that cause these problems. The are in most cases begnin, but the only really option to get the pain under controll is radiation therapy, uppsss.Nothing I will consider lighthearted - it can  give you a bigger chance of cancer and I am scared of that bit.So I will have to live with this pain for some more time, trying to get weight off and hoping to get away without radiation.

My mood was not the best these last months - the pain started in November last year and got to a climax now.

What helps a bit is when I tray to concentrate on creating.

Mittwoch, 1. Juni 2016


I loved the clouds, the light and the sun I saw yesterday on my trainride home.

Today I took the car and the weather was really ugly sometimes. I had some big rain splashes today - so big I could not see much outside and the streets were in part rivers.

Sonntag, 29. Mai 2016


Just stayed home today. Did some sewing and painting. Made a brownie.

I gave notice at work for a better paid job. The job interviews are tomorrow and I did not get an invitation. I love my current job, so it is not a catastrophe, but still..

When I finished the big project I am working at now I want to do some traveling. And I think about reducing my weekly workload.


Samstag, 28. Mai 2016


Today I went shopping with my husband. Nothing big, just some new books and shoes and veggies in the city. I can take another person for free on the subway on weekends with my subway card. The subway was crowded, but it was just a short drive. First to get some sewing supplies, then shoes for my husband, books and we parted - I went for groceries and he went for electronics and we wanted to meet at the electronics store. When I came with the groceries in the store I searched and searched for my husband - and did not find him. I asked to call him over the speaker system. A call was made that he should come to the information desk. I waited there ages - nobody came. I went outside to look for him - no husband to be seen. He could have walked home.  One last check in the store - my husband was standing at the check out line.

Oh, I was quiet some weeks, I know. Nothing much happend here. Just the usual, pain, work, trying a bit to be creative. Oh, and I got addicted to netflix - I saw Dr. House, now I am finished and do not now what I shall watch next. House of cards? Homeland? Any suggestions?

Sonntag, 24. April 2016

These days

Joy, health, fun and pain and misery - somehow everything is connected.

Since some days I am in pain and have trouble breathing. I stayed in bed, watched a bit tv and read. Had bloodwork done and they found I miss some vitamin D I have to add now in form of pills.
Hope it will get me on the path to health.

I will have a skin check next wednesday - hope everything will be fine. All three months is not so great, but heck, I have a lot of naevus so being careful is o.k.

Sonntag, 10. April 2016


I still have the smell of sulphur in my nose - several spots are still active on the island. The nice thing is they give you some nice hot water places you can swim in. I tried several - one with a waterfall, one a brown iron water one and one where hot springs meet the sea in a small pool. Last one was my favorite, but I was a bit scared coz I was there alone and there were coming big waves of cold seawater in - a nice mix with the warm water in lowtide - and my husband was away doing a long walking tour around some lakes, no help should something went wrong - so I cut my stay in the water short. Oh, and after a nice day a nice meal is a must - fresh fishes from the sea, what can be better?

Just in the middle of the ocean...

... there are some islands I decided to visit. They are portuguese, but two hours flight away from the mainland. It was the flight to Boston with in small letters a short stop in Ponta Delgada on the island of Sao Miguel. Ponta Delgada is the biggest town there and we stayed there - yes, we. I invited my husband to come with me on this holidays. Ponta Delgada is small and provincial compared to Lisboa or Berlin - nice rural charme it had. 

And the views of the island were stunning - that is when there was not so much fog you did not see further than 100 metres. The island is very very green with lovely hills, lakes and beaches.

And cows - they had some street signs who said caution cows. We had to wait several times cos cows were lead over the street. The cows looked really happy most of the time - once not so much coz the cow was lying dead on the meadow.

Below you see tea. Sao Miguel is known for his good quality organic black and green tea. 

Freitag, 18. März 2016

Just some more pics


I took a plane to go to Istanbul. Lucky me just got a row on the plane for myself - great.

And a great meal, too.

And in Istanbul the food was great, too. Just one look at these sweets:

And what can compare to this view from one of the ferries?

That is why I stayed near the spice market, near to the pier for the ferries. You know - in Istanbul you can take ferries like a bus - they are part of public transportation and one ride is 4 Lire - about 1,30 €.


Mittwoch, 9. März 2016

Oh, just can get better

Yesterday night I found three of my former seven fishes dead. And my husband came home with another minor health problem found. What is next?

Dienstag, 8. März 2016

These days

My husband and I, we both have our different health issues at the moment. Mine are minor, nonetheless they are not so nice. We both work hard to get everything normal/o.k. again.

I decided to take some days off  and will fly away alone for some days.
I hope to come back with some nice pics and stories.

Freitag, 26. Februar 2016

These days

These days have been filled with worries and pain. Trying to see the funny side makes life a bit easier. I am longing for a weekend with sewing and good food.

Freitag, 19. Februar 2016


Still pain, feeling unwell with gut problems, headaches, footaches...

Seems I am getting old. ;-)

Samstag, 6. Februar 2016

Sonntag, 31. Januar 2016

Today - Sprengel Museum Hannover - exhibition Orphan Patterns by Pierre Huyghe

Today I visited the exhibition of works of Pierre Huyghe at the Sprengel Museum Hannover. It was special - I was in the exhibition alone - well, when you do not count the flies. I was sometimes worried to smash one when I put my foot on the ground and one took a short stop on my hair - ugghhh.

What would you do when you are alone in a room together with hundreds of flies?

Sonntag, 24. Januar 2016

These days

These days were filled with a lot of work and a lot of pain.
I am looking forward for spring.

Sonntag, 17. Januar 2016



Everything is white outside - snow.
15 cm snow.

After a hard week  I took a day off on friday to visit my dentist coz I lost a bit of a tooth last weekend. The dentist closed the tooth with a material that will give me some time until the final procedure that is needed will be.

Yesterday I went with my husband to watch a film. Last time I was in the cinema was when we were evacuated. Was nice to have some time together.

Nothing special - no big things - just lovely nice daily life...

Samstag, 9. Januar 2016

This week

Snow - finally snow this winter.
Work - a lot of.
Hospital - stayed five hours in the emergency unit with a co-worker who slipped on the ice.
Weekend - finally.
Snow is melting and sun is shining.